Zhanhua means Zhanhua staffs to endure extremely difficult and hard work to develop and expand their own place in the world in the persulfate industry.

Time flies. With the footsteps of history, we have been in this trade for twelve years. In past twelve years, Zhanhua staffs have been adhering to the business philosophy of "safety and environmental protection, continuous innovation, improved service, customer satisfaction", a year to a new level, from a production line, we have become a leading company in the persulfate industry of China and even in the world. This is the result of our efforts, and a pride  of  Zhanhua.

As a professional manufacturer of persulfate, Zhanhua fully takes advantage of convenient transportation, abundant resources and the harmonious natural and human environment to make innovation and development; now, we have formed an unique production management, quality management as well as content-rich corporate culture system. Our development is inseparable from the strong supports of new and old customers, is inseparable from the cares of leadership at all levels and all sectors of society. Taking good faith as basis, profession as foundation, and industry-leader as a driving force, we strive to be a first-class enterprise and brand enterprise.

Today's results of Zhanhua only represent the past efforts; at the time of full of opportunities and challenges, there are a lot of challenges; Zhanhua will, as always use the vision of sustainable development,  strategy of keeping pace with times, idea of being sincere & win-win and mind of being tolerant to diversity, we look forward to establishing multi-faceted cooperation with society, to create quality services and train  talent; we aim to  return the customer's trust, staff's dedication and love of society.

There are experienced cadres and workers in our company, and innovative mechanisms and system accumulated and formed over years; plus constant and new-increasing resource reserves, Zhanhua will uphold high-spirited attitude and new style to seize opportunities, meet challenges, accelerate development and create a brilliant future of this century!